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The APR shown or the representative APR may not be the rate you'll receive. We offer you a rate based on the amount you borrow. The maximum APR you could be offered is 606.3% APR representative. If you borrow £850.00 over 18 months at an interest rate of 132% per annum (fixed) (REP 450.5%) you will make 17 monthly payments of £140.72 and 1 payment of £140.76 with a total amount repayable of £2533.00.The Bill of Sale document is what gives a lender security over your vehicle and means that they are technically the vehicle’s legal owner until you have repaid your loan.

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Logbook Calculator has a 4.5 star rating on trust pilot. With thousands of customers all over the UK we are the largest logbook loan company around. The main reason we have maintained a high rating from our clients is because our loans are flexible and if you wish to pay back your loan early you are only charged interest on the amount of time you had the loan.

In the United Kingdom, there are various kinds of loans. There are loans especially made for students, homeowners, or people with bad credit ratings, among others. This is because loans are a much needed help in the country, especially to those people who have financial problems. Through loan, people are able to survive their financial crisis and because of that, they are able to purchase the expenses that they need to buy. Logbook loan is among the used loans in the country. However, not all people can identify which loan is which or what does a logbook loan do. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people ask regarding the logbook loan.

1. What a logbook loan is

It is a type of a secured loan that is secured against the legal documents of a vehicle. This is the appropriate loan for people to use when they have a vehicle they can use to get a loan immediately. It is also the most advisable type of loan if you want to get larger amounts compared to other kinds of loan which only offer a minimum amount to loan.

2. Who can get a logbook loan?

Anyone can apply for a loan as long as you satisfy the requirements needed in order to get a logbook loan. However, there is no certainty that all people can get their application approved, as it still depends on the standards of the company you are applying a loan for. Usually, the general requirements include the age, stable income, and of course, one must be a legal owner of a vehicle. To prove that, you will need to show a legal document that saying that you are the rightful owner of the car.

3. Could any vehicle be accepted in logbook loans?

It all depends on the company’s standard whether they only accept cars. On the other hand, there are also some companies which allow other kinds of vehicle to be accepted such as trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs, just as long as it satisfies what the lending company wants. Usually, lending companies want modern versions of cars as cars tend to depreciate.

4. Which company can I seek logbook loans?

There are many lending companies that offer logbook loans in UK. You can search online and just type logbook loans plus the keyword of where in UK you are because there are lots of companies around the country which offer logbook and other kinds of loan as well. You can also know if you can qualify through their online websites, where you can also apply as well.

5. Is the logbook loan the right loan for me?

As there are many kinds of loans, you still need to think through if this is the right kind of loan for you. You can consult an expert who will help you weigh the pros and cons of getting a logbook loan. Also, you can read on logbook loans reviews over the internet to see if this is the right loan for you to use.

Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. Your vehicle may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your loan.
Loan contract from 18 months minimum term.