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The APR shown or the representative APR may not be the rate you'll receive. We offer you a rate based on the amount you borrow. The maximum APR you could be offered is 606.3% APR representative. If you borrow £850.00 over 18 months at an interest rate of 132% per annum (fixed) (REP 450.5%) you will make 17 monthly payments of £140.72 and 1 payment of £140.76 with a total amount repayable of £2533.00.The Bill of Sale document is what gives a lender security over your vehicle and means that they are technically the vehicle’s legal owner until you have repaid your loan.

Logbook Loans Rotherham

Here at Logbook Calculator, we work as a trading name of Mobile Money Ltd; which is widely known throughout the United Kingdom and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist you with your financial situation wherever you are. If you are in need of quick cash in Rotherham, we have a high number of agents ready to serve you whenever you need.

As the economic situation is never stable, many families seem to suffer every month to make ends meet. Whenever an individual resorts to ordinary sources of financial assistance, they tend to get rejected by most lenders. Banking services usually do not risk their lending opportunities on clients with poor credit history as they perceive their case as a risky bet. That is why many have started to apply for logbook loans as alternative to regular types of loans.

Do You Need A Logbook Loan in Rotherham?

If you live in Rotherham and you need any sources of quick cash, you have come to the right place. Whatever the reason may be, a logbook loan might be the best option for you. Maybe you need some funds to get through the end of the month; or maybe you are in terrible need to meet a certain deadline on another debt. A logbook loan is the fastest and easiest way to acquire cash without any hustle.

You may borrow as little as £500 and up to £25,000, depending on the value of your owned vehicle. In the terms of a logbook loan, you car is considered to be the securing element of the deal; we are secured that you will be paying the borrowed amount by the ownership of your vehicle. In case your payments are not met, we get to repossess your car. We hate for that to happen as much as you do, and that is why we make sure that our clients have a valid source of income that should make them able to repay their debt.

How to Get a Logbook Loan in Rotherham?

Applying for a logbook loan in Rotherham has never been easier! Most of logbook loan providers consider the situation of the applicants, and that is why the service is known to be quickly processed and easily accessible. We provide you with an online service to fill-in our form and wait for acceptance. There is another option for you and that is you may simply call us and our agents will take it from there.

You need to be 18 years or older in order to apply for a logbook loan in Rotherham; and you also must provide us with a valid document that proves a suitable source of income that should help you cover your logbook loan repayments. Once your form is approved and your car is inspected for its estimation, our agents will ask you for further documents to proceed with the processing of your application. But rest assured! We are not like your regular banking service. We do not demand high qualifications in order to be accepted for a logbook loan in Rotherham. Our acceptance rates are high, and we cater for the well being of our clients. We promise to make the process of your logbook loan in Rotherham as smooth as possible.

Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. Your vehicle may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your loan.
Loan contract from 18 months minimum term.